This is Douglas Karr, you may know me as the founder of the Indianapolis event – Tech Warriors, the podcast – Veteran Cast, or from our community site – Navy Vets. Over a decade ago, my father and I purchased the domain for Navy Vets. My father, William Karr, was a retired Navy Chief and proud submariner. Twelve thousand members later and it’s a thriving community of veterans who continue to share incredible pieces of history with us online.

My father lost a battle with Leukemia a few years ago, and I knew I had some big shoes to fill to make up for all the work he did in his community and for Veterans. After meeting Matt Hall, the Veteran Service Officer for Indianapolis, I realized I could do more for the Veteran’s community in honor of my father. I had served six years in the Navy, and I’m a Desert Shield and Desert Storm Veteran… but when I left Hampton Roads and went into marketing, I mostly left the military behind.

Fast forward twenty years, and I want to do more. With the assistance of Matt and Blaine Zimmerman of Circle City Vets, we launched Veteran Cast – a weekly podcast where we’re interviewing Veterans and Veteran support groups to get the word out to transitioning and older Veterans about all the incredible services and inspiring stories here in our back yard.

We then joined forces with Danielle McDowell of the Speak Easy, a coworking facility in downtown Indianapolis, and launched a quarterly event, Tech Warriors. The Speak Easy also started a Veteran program that’s just $25 per month to use any of their facilities (PS: They come with free beer and coffee!).

The opportunity is enormous:

  1. Educate transitioning Veterans on the services and support they have regionally.
  2. Integrate transitioning Veterans into the technology community, which needs their talent.
  3. Expose technology companies to Veterans – who are highly technical and outstanding employees and leaders.
  4. Work with elected officials to incorporate their efforts with our efforts to help Veterans integrate.

I’m also working with our U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly’s office. Senator Donnelly has taken over the Veterans History Project, and his staff has asked for my assistance with this important initiative. Because of the audio and media expertise I have, it seems like a perfect fit to volunteer and help capture the incredible history of our Veterans for this vital project.

To date, I’ve worked on and bankrolled all of this through my own business. However, it’s time that I rolled all of this under a charity that’s owned by the community so that it can grow, prosper, and be here long after I’m not. I’m now working with an attorney/consultant on getting a package together for the 501(c)(3) paperwork. That organization is Veterans Media, which I’m officially announcing today.

Side note: One step in this process is to accumulate a board of 5 – 8 people. If you have time to volunteer for this board, sign up on the home page here and let me know in the other field. If you’re receiving this by email, just reply. My attorney has recommended that the board be people that I am not related to or have done business with any time in the past.

I look forward to serving you.